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My entire life there have been a narrative surrounding teachers. Teachers are selfless. Teachers are givers. Teachers inspire. Teachers are heroes.

A hero, by definition, is a person who is idolized for courage, outstanding achievements, or noble qualities. While I do believe that teachers have all 3 qualities, the truth is that they are not idolized for them. And, the perpetuation of calling teachers heroes leads to a dichotomy that is neither accurate nor fair. What is the opposite of a hero? A villain. …

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When I was thirteen years old, I weighed 189lbs. I’ll never forget that number. I was at my yearly checkup with my mom sitting next to me. The doctor told us my weight and then said that “I was perfectly healthy.” I smiled. I liked being healthy. I worried because I was bigger than all my friends. While they wore cute little dresses from the Junior section, I had to shop in the women’s.

And, apparently, my mom worried about my weight as well. Her response to the doctor: “I highly doubt that.” And, in that moment, I knew there…

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A few months back, I wrote a piece about consent and how it’s not required for women to give it in our society. It seems that I have misrepresented that piece because some people who present in their comment boxes as men seem to take that article to mean sex. Now, I suppose I can see the confusion. The distance between sexual touch and sex can be very close for some people. But, in an effort to clear the air and explain myself better, let me tell you what I actually meant by “consent not required.”

When my daughters were…

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I have a love/hate relationship with social media. I’m sure that most people do. On one hand, it can be a great way to keep in touch with those loved ones who live far away. It can be a fantastic way to see what is happening in their lives and connect in ways we never thought possible. Even 2400 miles away, I get to see the touchdown that my nephew scored at his football game. And my sister gets to watch my daughter twirl during her halftime show. It’s a great way to be there when we can’t be there.

Sometimes a bit of relaxation and a change of scenery is all we need to reboot the creative mind.

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There’s a common belief among the writing community that we must write ever day in order to be any good. I’m not sure if it’s a benefit of the American workaholic syndrome or something more ingrained in our psyches, but believing that you aren’t a real writer if you don’t write daily is harmful. Writers push themselves past their limits and then blame themselves for not being enough. They create an endless cycle of overwork that leads to burnout and other forms of mental exhaustion.

For this reason, it’s important for writers and other creatives to sometimes take vacations from…

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Moving is never easy. Packing all of the stuff you have accumulated over the years into compartmentalized boxes and transporting them to your new home takes a great deal of physical and mental energy.

I’ve moved a lot in my 40 years. Growing up in a single parent house with a mom who did the best she could, but often couldn’t find the ends that needed to meet, we moved — a lot. I’m not exaggerating when I say that I attended 5 different elementary schools, 3 middle schools, and 2 high schools.

When my husband bought our first house…

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Life as a woman in the United States is, well, complicated. What does it mean to be a woman? How do women act? How do they dress? How likely are they to deserve it when they are raped?

You read that right. I said when. If you pay attention at all to the ‘me too’ movement and the stories that came from that or if you talk to the women in your personal life, we have stories. We have times where our bodies have been violated. And while you may cry #notallmen, we respond with #yesallwomen.

I read this week…

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This seems to be a common question among new and emerging writers. Notice I said writers, because you are. Too often we want to qualify ourselves and our work.

I haven’t written anything that’s been published, so I’m not really a writer.

I don’t write every day, so I’m not really a writer.

My writing is amateurish and not good enough to be published, so I’m not really a writer.

Stop it. If you write, you are a writer. I’m not sure how much more plain it can be.

Then again, just the other day I fell prey to the…

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Her ink streamed thick and heavy along the lines of my pages giving purpose to my being. I reveled in the weight of each letter — of each word. My parchment pregnant with her musings, I longed to feel the stroke of her felt tip against my paper once more. She rolled so gracefully along my lines, her gentle strokes caressing me into states of excitement and ecstasy. And her words — oh, her words. I have yet to read anything so beautiful as the love-filled poetry she laid across my paper.

I’ve never seen her, but I know her…

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In this world of representation matters, too often fat characters are left off the table. Or, when they are included, they’re the butt of jokes or the ‘heavy’ (pun intended) of a piece. They’re obsessed with weight loss or making fun of themselves with the same fat jokes that have been used to tear fat people down. They’re often never the main character, much less the romantic lead of any story. Their only acceptance is shown when they’re able to do the miraculous feat of losing weight.

We have to do better.

And we are, slightly. I grew up in…

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Introvert trying to find her voice through stories. Educator. Mom of teenagers and wife to kind of a big deal. Feminist developing a manifesto. She/Her

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